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Custom, Unique Builds Just for You 

Welcome to the pinnacle of European automotive excellence, where craftsmanship meets innovation and the extraordinary becomes reality. At FDF, we specialize in the art of customizing European cars and fine-tuning automobiles to push the boundaries of performance, design, and luxury.

Our passion lies in elevating the inherent elegance and precision of European cars to an entirely new level. Whether it's an iconic Italian sports car, a German luxury sedan, or any other European masterpiece, we have the expertise and dedication to transform it into a unique work of automotive art.

Whether you're a seasoned collector or a newcomer to the world of high-performance automobiles, we invite you to explore our website and discover how we can transform your European car into a true masterpiece that marries style and speed, refinement and power.




Function Drives Form ("FDF") has a legacy beginning two generations back at the Felton Porsche dealership in San Rafael, California.  The enterprise expanded to include other marks including Audi, Volkswagen, International Harvester and Lincoln.  The Felton name appeared as participant in the first Pebble Beach Sports Car Club of America race, which became the beloved “Car Week” in Monterey, California. That historical passion continued to this generation, restoring vintage cars prepared for Pebble Beach, The Monterey Historics, The Sonoma Wine Country Classic & The La Carrera Panamerica. Eventually that experience and legacy landed at today’s FDF. 

Function Drives Forms creates usable, drive-able “works of kinetic art” that deliver daily utility, enjoyment & reliability.


Phone: (775) 391-3139


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